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Fight the Holiday Blues

Rick Cole

People get Holiday Blues for familiar reasons that are set on blast during the holidays. 

Netflix Cancelled My Workout

Rick Cole

60% of Americans say they want to get in shape. But a recent survey revealed the reasons they don't:  15% blame watching Netflix.    

The Hodijo Way on Black Friday

Rick Cole

We’re partnering with our customers to help those in our communities who can’t afford Black Friday or any other sales.

Hit a Wall?

Rick Cole

Sometimes we need to reach out and up to others who can help us overcome our obstacles.

The Warrior Builder

Rick Cole

Both the warrior and the builder are excellent motivational mindsets. They help us face challenges and stay focused and complete tasks.

3rd Wave Flow State

Rick Cole

Athletes flow with their bodies. Others flow with their minds. Learn the 3rd Wave Flow State that changes lives.

New Again

Rick Cole

A celebration of recreation.

Wishing v. Hoping

Rick Cole

Hope asks you to change. It demands action, because hope is anchored in possibility. 

Why the flaming head logo?

Rick Cole

Hodijo’s logo imagines those same Holy Spirit flames engulfing today’s believers. We are wrapped in the flames of His inspiration, direction and power. 

Welcome To The Hodijo Blog

Rick Cole

Hodijo is an idea and a process—Christ gives us a mind and spirit that encourages and supports a healthy life.  
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