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Fight the Holiday Blues

Not everyone is feeling the joy and peace this Christmas. According to a recent survey, large percentages of Americans feel increased levels of stress, anxiety and sadness during the holidays.

People get holiday blues for familiar reasons that are amped up during the holidays:

  • Time pressures
  • Family challenges
  • Oversized expectations
  • Financial strain
  • Over indulgence in food and alcohol 
  • Loneliness

Normally happy people can easily become exhausted and stressed. Those who struggle emotionally can become overwhelmed, isolated and depressed. If this sounds familiar, there are things you can do to fight back against the holiday blues.

If you or someone you love is overwhelmed, there is a lot of good advice and professional help available. Seek it out. To maintain your wellbeing during this stressful time, we suggest the following practical tips: 

  • Maintain your exercise routine
  • Stay mindful—thankful, prayerful, realistic, in the moment
  • Spend some time outside
  • Don't drink too much
  • Eat clean on most days
  • Don't overcommit
  • Be a blessing
The only perfect Christmas was 2000 years ago. That day was all about worshipping God, receiving Grace and sharing in the joy of Christ's birth. That's  still a great pattern for us to follow today.
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