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Hodijo comes from the words Hope, Discipline and Joy. 

For us, these three words capture what it means to live a Christian life. We approach everything with the promised Hope for a better life. We act on that Hope with the Discipline to believe and try.  As a result, we experience Joy all along the way.  

Hodijo is our approach to life, relationships, health and business. It is both a process and a mysterious gift from above that adds meaning to our lives. It only made sense that we would name our line of gear for the active Christian lifestyle Hodijo.   

The Hodijo logo is an image of the transformative power we receive when we trust in Christ. It is inspired by the tongues of fire that came to rest on the very first Christians and filled them with the Holy Spirit.

Hodijo aims to provide you a unique brand experience that is centered around inspiration, health, creativity and community. We will be doing things a little different and we welcome you to be a part of what we are building. 


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