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What is the secret of your great strength?

Rick Cole

The name Samson brings to mind a strongman who could do amazing feats. He tore a lion in half. Killed a thousand men armed only with a jawbone. Toppled a temple with his bare hands. Dude had to be shredded, right?

What did we do?

Rick Cole

Covid-19 has left countless Americans needing help with groceries. Join us in supporting Fountain of Hope, a ministry that distributes food to numerous food banks, churches and homeless kitchens. Your small donation will help distribute food to thousand in need.

Calling Happy Warriors

Rick Cole

We need those who have learned life is difficult, but refuse to surrender their wonder and joy and hope to the dark forces of fear and despair and cynicism. We need Happy Warriors. 

Fear Not

Rick Cole

We can make a danger to be bigger and more powerful than it is. Instead of feeding and building up our fear, we need to starve it of our imagination and belief.

Lasting Inspiration

Rick Cole

So many of us hunger for motivation, for purpose, for inspiration. We need a boost to lift our souls and give us the strength to tackle challenges and persevere through difficulty.


Rick Cole

There’s more to fitness than workouts and looking great. Exercise and health are part of the “abundant life” Christ has promised us.

Exercise makes you happy

Rick Cole

Exercise involves your spirit, mind and body working together. It’s about you at a basic, natural level.

Go The Distance

Rick Cole

This is how you run your race. This is how you keep your resolution. This is how you change your life. 

Fail It to Nail It

Rick Cole

Congratulations. You’re on your way to significant improvement and your old habits are pissed off.

Process Gets You There

Rick Cole

Too many resolutions emphasize results over the process that create them.

Keep It To Yourself

Rick Cole

Only 8% of us keep our New Year’s resolutions. For the next four weeks we’re going learn how to be one of those 8%.  

Christmas is Our Jam!

Rick Cole

We actually know how great the Gift is. We live Love, Joy and Peace. Christmas is our jam!
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