Netflix Cancelled My Workout

What’s your excuse?

While over 60% of Americans say they want to get in shape, recent survey revealed some of the many reasons they are missing workouts:

  • 40% “too old”   (average age of participants 41 years old)
  • 42% “not enough time”
  • 56% “too tired”
  • 36% “too busy at work”
  • 33% “the weather is too bad”
  • 10% “the weather is too nice”
  • 23% “ate too much”
  • 15%“watching Netflix”

A couple of these are pretty funny. The one I most relate to is “too old.” When I turned 43 my body really started changing. I gained weight easier, needed reading glasses and started having joint pain after workouts. Aging created a real obstacle to working out.

Fortunately, I’ve been physically active since I was a little kid. It’s in my DNA. I won’t be happy if I can’t run around. Not working out would mean I’d be less fit to do other things I love, like basketball, board sports and golf. The gym is how I maintain balance, flexibility and strength—essentials for an active lifestyle. 

Also there are psychological blessings that come from working out. I lose tension. I gain energy. I tackle challenges. I just have a better mindset when I work out. 

God made us to move, even when it’s challenging. Let’s get to it.

No excuses.  



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