Hit a Wall?

Here is where I might write about commitment, motivation or self-control. After all, discipline is hodijo’s middle name. But doubling down on inner strength isn’t always the best way to go.

At times we need to reach out and up to others who can help us overcome our obstacles. When we do, we’ll find amazing resources and dedicated individuals who are equipped and ready to help us achieve our health goals.

Christianity and fitness have a long history in our country. The YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) has been building gyms in the U.S. since 1869. The term “body building” was coined in 1881, by a Y-staffer in Boston. Over twenty years ago our family began our fitness journey together at the Carl Sanders Family Y in Atlanta. I’m still a member, but I've moved to the Winston Family Y in Jacksonville. 

Today, amazing communities of healthy Christians are involved in all sorts of health, sports, fitness and other mind/body pursuits. I’ve found inspiration, knowledge and support from these folks both in person and online. And I’ve made great friends along the way. 

Join the Y, go to a cross fit gym emphasizing the Cross; find a yoga instructor whose meditations involve scripture; compete in a league; or help out with FCA

Get connected and you’ll also get that extra boost needed to scale any challenge. Then you’ll be ready to reach out with a helping hand of your own. 

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