Why the flaming head logo?

Great question.

Hodijo is built around an approach to life—Christian mindfulness. Our name comes from hope, discipline and joy, all gifts and fruits of a Christ-centered life. 

Like other approaches to well-being, we emphasize positivity, attentiveness and alignment between beliefs and actions. Those things are built into human nature and will make any life better. Yet there is a higher level of alignment for we who are Christians.

We are connected to the power of the Creator. We are more than just connected. Through our relationship with Christ we are filled with God’s Spirit. The Holy Spirit works continually, leading us, encouraging us and giving us transformative power.

Hodijo’s logo references the moment the very first Christians were filled by the Holy Spirit. The story is found in the <second chapter of the book of Acts.> When the Holy Spirit came, they all heard a rushing wind and were engulfed in what looked like flames. 

Hodijo’s logo imagines those same Holy Spirit flames engulfing today’s believers. We are wrapped in the flames of His inspiration, direction and power. Through Him, we have the hope, discipline and joy we need to live well.


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